The Dirt on Dirt

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I learned a long time ago that what you put in the ground before you plant will either help or hurt things to grow. If you throw bad stuff into your planting area like chemicals and bad waste then when you plant a seed this is what will feed it.

It is not easy to understand that from rotting things can come beautiful growing things too.

I have a friend who lived down the street from me in Louisiana, and her father and two brothers were avid bass fishermen. Nothing goes to waste in the south and that includes fish heads and entrails.  They would go into the back corner of their yard and turn over a spade full of dirt and bury the fish heads.

You could always tell when they were preparing to start their backyard garden because this gut retching smell would hit the neighborhood when they tilled up the soil in preparation of spring planting. Remember the rotting fish heads and entrails!

Next thing you know they planted and then had some of the best vegetables I have ever tasted.

I am no where near the farming phenoms they were and are still today but I am learning. I am saving and using left over coffee grounds for my tomatoes when I remember and we have started a mulching bed of sorts in the back area of our large back yard.

Now when I plant I prefer to use organic soil. I seem to get the best results from it. Good steady growth with solid roots and stalks, just really hardy plants. I have been very happy with the Kellogg Garden Products brand of organic potting and gardening soil.





Weekend work.

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We took it easy this weekend and worked on projects we have been putting off for a while. I have had a jewelry box for my grand daughter I have been waiting to work on.  My husband has a couple of desk pieces he started on before we moved to Georgia.

We cut all the pieces for the jewelry box. Reminder to self always check the cutting instruments that they are square. And then we recut some. It all came together. We did find out that we didn’t have any Brad nails which I thought was funny.

We used a Kreg jig to install screws for stability on the jewelry​ box. Instead of using a Kreg plug we used a contrasting wood putty.  You will see below.

My husband, Brad worked on his new top for his desk for a while today.  He also used the Kreg jig for the finishing edge of the desk top.

We really had a productive weekend.

The wood,


the knob for the top,

some mud,

and some sanding and…

…I will come back to this once I have stained and polyed this.

Also Brad showed me a neat trick to make a beveled top for the jewelry box. I find I learn more when I go with the flow and try something a new way even if it was not how I wanted it.

The Desk.

My husband sanded this a few years ago. We bought these desk drawers at a Habitat for Humanity resale shop. He is using a really pretty gray stain. With the residual stain that was left on it is going to make a really beautiful  color for the desk.

These are some more of the desk pieces. The hardware will be a great match.

New Windows…

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… Crude!

Well we went ahead and ordered windows from a national company. Glass is dangerous and I prefer to keep my fingers. They came today to install them in the front foyer and over the Kitchen.

They are insulated and heat resistant. Whoo Hoo. Cooking for very long in my kitchen is a bit toasty to say the least. Crock pot meals are so nice.

They came several weeks ago and measured and assured me the windows would be in within 5 to 7 weeks. 6 weeks later they are here.

Now I am sure you are wondering what is the catch. OK here it is.

The large trapezoidal window was inverted. The window is the correct size, it is just turned around. The inside of the window is on the out side. So it will be a few more weeks. Dang it!


OK so the upside is the new windows in the front look good and will give us heat protection in the evenings from the sun. They are still needing the finishing trim but look great so far.

He is so good to me.

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He is so good to me. My husband really is so good to me. My office is in the sun room in our house in Georgia. Up until the other Saturday there was no heating or cooling vents in the sun room. So 80* days outside were often 80* days inside save for the ceiling fan it would get a bit toasty.

I love the views outside but as you can see this room has a lot of windows.  Most of which are single pane glass.

We live at the local Home Depots some weekends. I say plural because we have 3 within a 10 mile radius of our home. We only had to go back twice for this project.

First he, my husband cut through the exterior wall in the basement to gain access to the underside of the sun room.  Once he did that he crawled under the sun room to attach all the duct work. to the underside of the sun room floor. We used flexible insulated duct, air-tight take offs, insulating foam and a register box & cover.

We had to cut a hole in the flooring of course but the end result is a room that has stayed nice and comfortable.  

Still Growing!

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The gardens are still going strong. The flowers are starting to bloom, the tomatoes are getting plump and the Hastas are still popping up.

I had to separate the tomatoes.


The squash is getting ready to bloom.


The basil was moved away from the mint plants too.


I need to start harvesting some of the herbs.







With all the recent rain we have had I will have a big weeding weekend coming up!

Ida, how does your garden grow?

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Heck if I know!!!

So we have been tending the various plants and so far things are going well. We had one Azalea bush that bloomed early and the last freeze got it but everything else is popping up as expected. The veggies are also chugging right along too. Some more before and afters and a few extra thrown in.










Hang around and see what pops up next.


Spring has sprung.

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After all it is Georgia.

So with Spring comes rain, pollen, seeds and green things popping up all over and never where you want them. We loved the house for some of the outside attributes but it does take work to keep it that way. I have always been amazed at how fast weeds pop up verses perennials. The stuff that is really bad is always easier to find than the good stuff.

This will be before and afters.







OK so funny story about the little yellow flowered plant in the center of the stone ring. I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I bought the plants to plant with the grand kids. I thought it said 3 to 5 inches tall. NOPE! Plant 3 to 5 ft apart. That’s right that cute little plant will get possibly as tall as 10 feet and about 5 feet wide. It is called Sweet Brown and smells nice. So we moved it from a pot in the back yard to the center circle till we decide what else to put there.

Next is the back yard…


The picture below is from December or January.