He is so good to me.

He is so good to me. My husband really is so good to me. My office is in the sun room in our house in Georgia. Up until the other Saturday there was no heating or cooling vents in the sun room. So 80* days outside were often 80* days inside save for the ceiling fan it would get a bit toasty.

I love the views outside but as you can see this room has a lot of windows.  Most of which are single pane glass.

We live at the local Home Depots some weekends. I say plural because we have 3 within a 10 mile radius of our home. We only had to go back twice for this project.

First he, my husband cut through the exterior wall in the basement to gain access to the underside of the sun room.  Once he did that he crawled under the sun room to attach all the duct work. to the underside of the sun room floor. We used flexible insulated duct, air-tight take offs, insulating foam and a register box & cover.

We had to cut a hole in the flooring of course but the end result is a room that has stayed nice and comfortable.  


~ by IdaFarrar on June 1, 2017.

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