Weekend work.

We took it easy this weekend and worked on projects we have been putting off for a while. I have had a jewelry box for my grand daughter I have been waiting to work on.  My husband has a couple of desk pieces he started on before we moved to Georgia.

We cut all the pieces for the jewelry box. Reminder to self always check the cutting instruments that they are square. And then we recut some. It all came together. We did find out that we didn’t have any Brad nails which I thought was funny.

We used a Kreg jig to install screws for stability on the jewelry​ box. Instead of using a Kreg plug we used a contrasting wood putty.  You will see below.

My husband, Brad worked on his new top for his desk for a while today.  He also used the Kreg jig for the finishing edge of the desk top.

We really had a productive weekend.

The wood,


the knob for the top,

some mud,

and some sanding and…

…I will come back to this once I have stained and polyed this.

Also Brad showed me a neat trick to make a beveled top for the jewelry box. I find I learn more when I go with the flow and try something a new way even if it was not how I wanted it.

The Desk.

My husband sanded this a few years ago. We bought these desk drawers at a Habitat for Humanity resale shop. He is using a really pretty gray stain. With the residual stain that was left on it is going to make a really beautiful  color for the desk.

These are some more of the desk pieces. The hardware will be a great match.


~ by IdaFarrar on June 11, 2017.

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