Hit the Deck!!!

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No, really we did. Our deck overlooks our backyard and all the trees around us from the other back yards. The deck is about 15′ by 20′. It needs some serious work done on it but till we get there we have done what we can and what we like.

 I started with a few herbs and then a few other veggies. Thanks, Tim.  The deck is the only area not covered by trees that has the proper amount of sunlight. I refuse to put a veggie garden in the front yard.
Brad and I love lights on a deck. So after finding some 2 inch metal conduit in a storage area he got the great idea of putting them up to hold lights and plants. The poles were sprayed black and holes were drilled to attach plant hooks and eye bolts.
The effect is wonderful at night. The neighbors love it and so did our family in Oak Ridge when they came to visit. Nice Job Brad.
Oh Yeah, the lights will change colors.
We really like our deck now.

Fast forward…

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I love a cool tool. Especially if it saves time. Just wait till you see what Brad found.

Well back to the bathroom in the basement. We removed a wall to help reconstruct the bathroom. We are now entertaining the idea of a shower again. See temporary drawing.

So the wall is down now.



So now back to work on the floors or we can’t move forward.

Well look what Brad found!!!  Isn’t it pretty!  We did that small section in under 10 minutes. Our compressor is small so we go slowly.

Brad for the win!

Drawing as promised.

I want those 2 hours back.

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So our lovely 3rd bathroom has these really nice little octagonal tiles that you can not match to anything so they need to go.

Only one problem they were put down with an epoxy of some sort. OH BOY!!!

That’s right, heat will not work not will any of our in house chemicals. so we must resort to manual removal. You guessed it, a hammer and chisel one by one. The wider chisels just split and crack the tiles.

This area took me 2 hours to do. Brad had set up Netflix up for me so I hammered and binged on something.

Brad came down and chipped for a while. Tim helped too.

Cold concrete and bad knees makes for a long morning. Fast forward to my next post.

What Day Is It…

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…Demo Day!!! Wait, what? We’re done?  ” This post was started back in January.”

Let’s talk about safety for a second. Safety glasses and gloves are a must. End of discussion.
Yes, we have partially demo’ed the basement bathroom. It will now only be a half bath but it is in the basement. We are moving the washer and dryer into the space and taking them out of what will be a finished portion of the basement.
Now we took our time while taking down the tile around the shower for safety and site clean up reasons.

OMG!!! They tiled directly to the drywall. That is one reason why we were able to score with a carpenter blade the grout lines and take out the tile in such large sections.

The tub was chipped and very old so we took it out. We were going to put in a shower but decided to put in a utility sink instead. By removing the tub we will also be able to put in a door to the finished area. Of course this could all change.

We are moving the sink to the other side of the room and using the shower water line and drain for the sink. We will be using the old sink water line and drain to supply the washing machine.

SharkBite lines and connecters are a wonderful way to move old water lines around. We will be using them in the plumbing portion of the remodel.

Now you may be wondering how many trips to Home Depot did today take. Honestly only 3. LOL. Luckily they are just a couple of miles down the road.









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Time to catch up a little.

I added a new little feature I found in a local consignment shop. With the stone work in the front  of the house I needed something that could greet our family and friends. It is not old but one day it will be I am sure. Brad rigged the picture hanging wire for me. I truly love my little welcome sign.


So much in a weekend.

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Only made 4 trips to Home Depot. That’s right only 4. One time we left and our total was only $15.00.  We also went to IKEA. That was beneficial.

So what all did we do this weekend?  Let’s go room by room shall we.

Sun room, we cleared out most of the boxes and my husband hung one of my shelf units.  Now to find my stuff.

Living room got two new items. A rug for the the couch area and a storage unit. My husband rigged it with lights to shine onto my ceramic houses. Yea, Pinterest!

The kitchen and dining room now have some of our wall hangings up and they look great!


I mentioned that I wanted to take down the curtain and rod to be used elsewhere and “poof”, my husband grabs the drill and does it. In the process we have found a new small project. Curtains hide a lot. More on another post.
Master bedroom is next. For much cheaper than the ones that go with our dresser and bed frame we found 2 night stands and glass tops to use with them. We found the pulls that will almost match the dresser ones to change them once they are put together.

Outside we put out the rope lights we have had for a while. We also put up our old Christmas tree on the highest terrace in the yard. It has been decorated with ornaments and lights.

The yard is so big it will take a lot to fill it up.

We also did some much needed work on the ducts in the basement. After a recent inspection we found that one of the main floor heating vents had been closed off due to a large rip in the vent.  The vent supplies air to the butler’s pantry, kitchen and dining room. Yes, they have been very cold.

My husband removed the old ripped section and added a new elbow. We taped and resealed the junctions. So I now have heat in my kitchen and dining room. Also  the main floor sun room which is currently my office has more heat. This is good since it was below 58 degrees in there last Friday.

Last but not least the weather stripping around the front and back doors was definitely below grade.  We could see daylight from the top and sides. But not anymore!!!


So it is the end of a busy weekend. I hope you have had a good one yourselves.

Windows into my world…

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…they need to be cleaned. No, really they do. Of course it is 27 degrees here in Georgia today. So I will not be going outside to work on them. I think I may need some of the outdoor window cleaner that you spray on with a hose. Again not today.

These first 2 pictures are of my kitchen and dining area. Do not worry that the seal is busted with the big triangle’ish window above the sink. Know that the window gets the evening sun and the previous owners decided to spray paint something on it to lessen the brightness. WHY people?  WHY?

I believe we will put in some Artscapes glass liners on the above mentioned window. They are very nice and come in a large variety of styles. Now the lower window has a view of the cul de sac.

The French doors in the dining room lead out to our deck. Lots of little tiny windows. Oh! Boy!


The main floor sun room is full of windows and boxes still.  Part of the boxes are office items while others are Christmas items that I am still putting out. The sun comes streaming through and I just cringe.

The front door is fine since I took care of that the other day.  I love having the side windows. Those of you with dogs will understand why the blinds are lifted slightly.

OK, the bathrooms have the oddest windows and I will need a step ladder for them. Getting over my fear of heights was a good thing.

The sun room off the master bedroom aka Nana’s tree house is also full of windows. Five foot tall windows. I am 5 ft 5 inches again I will need a step ladder. Still not crazy about heights.

Good thing my husband grabbed an extra can of my favorite window cleaner. Why yes, I do re-use packing paper for a streak-free shine.

Be blessed!